Waisenhaus Afghanistan

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Each small donation is written with us LARGE! *** We can continue our work just with your help. *** We thank you for your donation!

Email  waisenhaus_afghanistan@yahoo.de
Waisenhaus Afghanistan
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Usually small gifts obtain large effects!

If you liked to help us, you can us also gifts in kind give. Things, which do not need you perhaps any longer, can be surely still very helpful for the orphans children. That can be: Clothing, shoes, toys, medicines, covers and other things. Send to us in oh a E-Mail, we immediately with you in connection will sit down.

The children in the orphanage Afghanistan are pleased about each donation of you, it are welcomely, completely alike everything, which it is.

Contact adress of the supervisors:


C/o Ahmadyar Syed
Das Waisenhaus Afghanistan
Berliner Str.2
61381 Friedrichsdorf
Tel. 06172-72721

Saboor Rasuli
Klingentahler Str.44
08209 Auerbach
Tel.03744 - 21 68 62

Faizi M.Sardar
Oberste Gärten 6
61348 Bad Homburg

B. Yusofi
Daven Stettler Str. 211
30455 Hannover
Tel. 0511 - 47 52 00

Nuri Fahima
Eddelbüttel Str.22
21073 Hamburg
Tel. 040- 31768211

About further aids we would be pleased much. With interest you contact us. We thank you all those, which support us and supported.

Donation accoun:
Taunus Sparkasse
Waisenhaus Afghanistan
BLZ: 51250000
Account Nr.: 48521851
IBAN-Code: DE17512500000048521851


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