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Afghanistan has ca.653000 qkm surface area with 26,8 Mill. For inhabitants Asia in a large mountain belt is appropriate over Iran after Zentralasian runs in south. In the southeast Pakistan, in the west Iran, in the north Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and at the edge of the narrow Vakhan of passage is China.

China -76 Km Usbekistan 137 Km Iran. 936 Km
Turkmenistan 744 Km Tadschikistan 1206 Km Pakistan 2430 Km

The Afghans are 99% Muslims of it 70% Sunni and 30% Shiite and with Paschtu and Dari (Persian) official one languages are spoken.
In Afghanistan there is a multiplicity of ethnic groups how Tadschiken, Paschtunen, Hazara, Turkmenen, Usbeken, Aimag, Belutsch, Nuristani und Kezelbasch.

Capital: Kabul Ca. 4 Mill. Inhabitant

large cities: Kandahar, Kabul, Jalalabad, Mazari sharif, Herat und Bamyian

Climate: Cold winters and summers are called

Environmental problems: Deforestation, deserts education, contaminated water and garbage mountains

National parks: Binde-Amir, Dare Ajur, Daschte Nawor and Hamoon Pozak

Animal world: Marco Polo sheep, brown bears, wolves, Hyänen, Schakale, snow leopards and Capricorns.

Natural resources: Lead, iron ore, coal, copper, salt, jewels, sulfur, zinc, and half jewels.

Environment: Afghanistan is an inland with mountains, valleys, levels, deserts and rivers

Darius 1 and Alexander the large one were first in Afghanistan the 6 before Chr. To 330 v. Chr. the gate after Indian opened.

120 - 225 Kushanian: Greek buddhistische culture and Buddha status carved in rock with Bamiyan.

225 – 650 Sassanians:

650 – 860 Araber: Arab as an Islamic conquerer in Afghanistan (Islamic Afghanistan)

860 – 960 Samaniden:

962 – 1030 Ghaznividen:

1140 – 1215 Ghoriden:

1219– 1221 Mongolischen Empire: Dschingskhan in Afghanistan.

1273 Marco Polo Silk road: the journey of Italy by Afghanistan to China.

1708 Mir Wais Neka: Father of Afghan independence (current Afghanistan).

1709 – 1736 Hotaki Dynastie:

1736 – 1747 König Nader Shah: (Perser)

1747 - 1773 Durrani Ahmad Shah Baba: The beginning of the Durrani’s Empire

19.08.1919 Independence Afghanistan:

1919 – 1929 Amanullah Khan:(The reform king) press freedom

1929 – 1930 Habibullah kalakani:

1930 – 1933 Nader Khan: King

1933 – 1973 Zahir Shah: King

1973 – 1978 Daoud Khan: Abolishment of the monarchy.

1978 – 1979 Taraki Noor Mohammed: Communist putsch.

1979 – 1986 Karmal Babrak: Russian invasion December 1979.

1986 – 1992 Dr. Najebullah: Communist regime.

1992 – 1996 President Rabbani: Mudschadin regime, large power fights.

1996 – 2001 Taliban: Power

05.12.2001 Hamid Karzai: Republic of Afghanistan

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